About Fairfax Surgical Center

Fairfax Surgical Center is a multi-specialty surgery center that performs a broad range of outpatient and short stay surgical procedures.

On behalf of the staff of Fairfax Surgical Center, we extend a warm welcome to you. Caring for your health is our primary aim and we will do everything we can to make your surgical experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Fairfax Surgical Center is part of a national network of surgical centers with the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). Our goal is to assist your physician in providing quality medical services and care to you.

Our staff welcomes your inquiries and is ready to answer any questions that you may have regarding your outpatient surgery. Please contact us at (703) 691-0670.

Community Charity Discount Policy

Fairfax Surgical Center has a Charity Discount Policy designed for uninsured or underinsured patients who do not qualify for other governmental medical assistance programs. Patients can request information regarding this policy from our Business Office at (703) 691-0670 ext 254. To qualify for the Charity Discount Policy, patients will be asked to complete a simple form and provide additional income and resource verification information. Patients who have no known or visible means of income and/or meet financial hardship guidelines of 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline will be eligible for the Charity Discount Policy

We also have an Uninsured Discount Program that is designed for uninsured or underinsured patients who do not qualify for Medicaid, charity care, or any other discount programs offered at our center. All patients will receive the Uninsured Discount unless they qualify for a Charity Discount. These patients receive a bill that reflects a discount from total charges.

We will be happy to direct you to governmental sources of medical assistance, including Medicaid, CHIP (Childrenā€˜s Health Insurance Program) and other state and local programs.

For patients who have financial responsibility for their care with us, we will gladly work with them to establish a payment plan based on the amount they owe as well as their financial status.

Translation services are available for non-English speaking patients.